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Located climber's left of The Nose and described as outstanding and beautiful on Mountain Project, and noted as one of El Cap's greatest lines on Alpinist, El Cap's Muir Wall is 2,900 feet of sustained cracks that require a mix of free and aid climbing Called simply El Cap or The Captain, this immense granite wall rises 3,300 feet from the talus slopes to the Valley rim above. Over 70 big wall routes have been established on El Cap's Southwest and Southeast faces, though most of these are variations connecting two or more of the earlier established routes

A zoomed-out version of the gigapixel El Cap image. Click the photo to see the full version, which overlays climbing routes and allows you to zoom in far enough to see climbers on the wall. xRez Studio is a company the exists at the intersection of creativity and science Tucked between the protruding formations of the Salathé Wall and Lurking Fear, Aquarian Wall and Never Never Land offer fun and secluded adventure. Aquarian Wall is known for its excellent location, plush bivy ledge and moderate difficulty. It's about as challenging as The Shield or North America Wall An old school classic, the NA Wall was the first route to be climbed on the Southeast Face of El Cap, and skirts the large diorite blob resembling North America. This also means that it follows a rather wandering line up through the black diorite. There is loose rock, sketchy free climbing, and some funky aid, but all in all, this is a great. See our free downloadable SuperTopo of one of El Cap's classics, the Muir Wall See current big wall anchor conditions at the ASCA web site. Yosemite Big Wall: Obscurities— topos for 30 new and obscure aid line

Original Muir Wall Route on El Cap Climbed in Record Time

The Dawn Wall on Yosemite National Park's El Capitan is considered the most difficult rock climb in the world. The NY Times interactive feature on it can be explored in full screen . In addition to the interactive piece the New York Times has had very good coverage of the historic event, you can read more on it here and here The Dawn Wall has more difficult pitches than every other free route on El Cap combined. This is, like, the hardest thing you could ever do on your fingers, climbing this route, Caldwell. Wall Caps are available in a variety of styles and sizes to complement the full range of Eldorado Stone and Brick profiles. They also serve as a functional accent, diverting water from entering inside of the wall. Available in 2 sizes: 18″ x 14″ x 1.5″ 24″ x 14″ x 1.5

Both men were highly experienced climbers, particularly on El Cap—Klein had climbed El Cap in a day 106 times, many of those ascents with Wells. The section should have been a stroll for Wells, who would regularly fly to California on a Friday night, climb El Cap once on Saturday and again on Sunday, then fly home to Colorado Sunday night The view from below El Capitan as climbers Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgeson became the first to free-climb Dawn Wall. Photograph: Ben Margot/A In January 2015, Caldwell and Kevin Jorgeson completed the first free climb of the Dawn Wall of El Capitan in Yosemite National Park, after six years of planning and preparation. Their 19-day ascent of the Dawn Wall was considered by some as the hardest successful rock climb in history Adam Ondra has climbed the Dawn Wall (VI 5.14d)! The 23-year-old Czech climber topped out El Cap today, November 21 after an eight-day push for the route's second free ascent. Totally badass, Kevin Jorgeson wrote in an e-mail to Rock and Ice. For Tommy and I, the question was whether it. A wall of near vertical stone that dominates Yosemite National Park, it has long bewitched the climbing community. Professional climber Tommy Caldwell completed the first free ascents of a number of different routes up El Capitan and knows it better than most. El Cap is unfathomably huge, Caldwell says

El Capitan ist ein markanter Felsvorsprung im Yosemite-Nationalpark im US-Bundesstaat Kalifornien.Seine teilweise senkrecht abfallenden Flanken erheben sich bis zu 1000 Meter über dem Yosemite-Tal, an dessen Nordseite er liegt. Der höchste Punkt des Felsens befindet sich auf 2307 Meter über dem Meeresspiegel.Durch seine Abmessungen ist El Capitan eine auffällige Landmarke im Yosemite-Tal More recently, the film Dawn Wall showcases Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgeson's 2015 ascent of a visionary free route on El Cap of the same name. Dawn Wall is rated 5.14d overall, with 18 pitches (climbing sections) out of 32 pitches total, that are technically harder than anything on Free Rider

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  1. Watch Alex Honnold's journey toward his rope-free climb of the world's most famous rock wall—Yosemite National Park's El Capitan—in Free Solo, a stunning, intimate, unfliching film by E. Chai.
  2. More than 26 ascents of El Capitan, and 70+ big wall climbs. 1st ascent big wall expedition climbs in Greenland, Baffin Island, Antarctica, Morocco, & Socotra Island Yemen. Many alpine ascents, and ice climbs. Professional photographer, videographer, and film rigger. Active member of Yosemite Search & Rescue
  3. Wall Caps are available in a variety of styles and sizes to complement the full range of Eldorado Stone and Brick profiles. They also serve as a functional accent, diverting water from entering inside of the wall. Available in 3 sizes: 37″ x 6″ x 2.25″. 37″ x 9″ x 2.25″. 37″ x 12″ x 2.25″
  4. 1979. The West Face (V 5.11c) is freed by Ray Jardine and Bill Price. Although not on the main wall of El Cap, the climb is the first all-free route on the formation. In that vein, we also cite the East Buttress (IV 5.10b), though it is on the shoulder of El Cap. It went free in 1964 to Frank Sacherer and Wally Reed

After 22 hours of grueling climbing, Jason and Tim topped out a few hours after Levi had taken his first steps on the El Cap bridge, a gathering place for Yosemite's big-wall climbers El Capitan is mostly formed of granite. The western side of El Cap, including The Nose and Salathe Wall, is composed of El Capitan Granite, a pink, coarse-grained granite that was intruded into older rocks to the west some 103 million years ago Here's what you may not know about America's greatest big wall. A lonely 80-foot-high ponderosa—the El Cap tree—somehow clings to the granite just below the North America Wall about 400 feet (or four pitches) up the face. It's the only big tree on the face of the monolith El Cap': 2 Climbers on Left wall These others' photos taken on El Capitan show more detail of this magnificent mountain's granite faces and spires, so popular with climbers. All are on El Cap' (El Cajon Mountain, San Diego County, California); the exact location shown on the map here is approximate, as there are dozens and dozens of climbing. TM Herbert and Yvon Chouinard first climbed the Muir Wall, one of El Cap's greatest lines, in 1965. It was the first route on El Capitan that was put up without fixed ropes or reconnaissance. It was also the first time an El Cap first ascent was done by a team of two

El Capitan in HD: xRez Studio's Gigapixel Image of America

Yosemitebigwall.com's Erik Sloan, a longtime valley xRez collaborator, author, and holder of over one hundred El Cap climbs, has long utilized our images to lay routes over in his climbing guidebooks. In 2016, we hatched a plan to shoot El Cap in record-setting 228,000 pixel resolutionusing an 800mm Canon L prime with a robotic Rodeon head ElCap Report 10/19/19. By Tom Evans. Yo.. The weather has continued to hold and many climbs of importance are about to be done. And I am leaving for home in the morning, so this is the last report of the season

Aquarian Wall - El Capitan - Yosemite Valley, California US

Assuming you intend to climb to the top, the easiest route is the East Buttress (5.10b). There are a few sections with chimneys or wide cracks where you will want wide crack protection if uncomfortable with run-outs at difficulties of 5.8 or 5.9... What are some of the most reviewed wall caps? Some of the most reviewed wall caps are the Pavestone 2 in. x 12 in. x 8 in. Buff Concrete Wall Cap (120 Pieces / 118.5 Linear ft. / Pallet) with 73 reviews and the Pavestone Fieldstone 2 in. x 12 in. x 8 in. Charcoal/Buff Blend Concrete Wall Cap (120 Pieces / 118.5 Linear ft. / Pallet) with 73 reviews The weather is clear in the Yosemite Valley, John says, the sun illuminating El Capitan's southeastern face, known as the Dawn Wall. Caldwell and Kevin Jorgeson hope to reach the summit. El Capitan: Golden Gate, Freerider, the Prophet and Dawn Wall 24.10.2011 di Planetmountain News from El Capitan in Yosemite valley: Hazel Findlay on Golden Gate, Mayan Smith-Gobat on Free Rider, Sonnie Trotter on the Prophet and Tommy Caldwell attempting Dawn Wall

The story of a five-day ascent of NAW on El Cap, Yosemite, as told in The Rucksack Club's first virtual slideshow (in the CV19 lock down) North America Wall on El Cap - Rucksack Club Virtual Meet - E1 on Vime

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The Dawn Wall 2017 TV-MA 1h 40m Sports Movies Cameras follow Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgeson as they take on the staggering challenge of free-climbing Yosemite's most formidable rock formation In 1962 Denny got his shot at El Cap. The Big Stone had only been climbed three times by major routes, twice by the Nose, once by the Salathe Wall. That spring, two brash outsiders—Seattle's Ed Cooper and the Canadian Jim Baldwin—arrived in Yosemite and laid siege to a new line on El Cap. They called the route the Dihedral Wall El Capitan est une formation rocheuse verticale de 900 m de haut située dans la vallée de Yosemite aux États-Unis, très connue dans le monde de l'escalade.. Le sommet d'El Capitan peut être atteint par un chemin de randonnée depuis les chutes de Yosemite en se dirigeant vers l'ouest. Pour les grimpeurs, le défi consiste à grimper le big wall granitique

Summiting El Cap is a remarkable achievement for anyone, but to do it six weeks after a failed heart procedure is almost unbelievable. But that's exactly what Erik Fischer did in 2011, with the. Freerider is a 5 star, classic route on El Capitan (and a contender for one of the most famous free-climbs in the world), first climbed by Huber Baum (one of the famous Huber brothers) in 1998. It's a variation of the Salathe Wall, another world-famous route on El Cap. - Around 3000 ft of climbing - Around 33 pitches - Crux moves at 5.13a and 5.12

A Record-Setting Climb Up El Capitan, Without Ropes - The

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  1. g Route JAN. 10, 2015 Few of the nearly 100 routes up El Capitan have been free-climbed, meaning that ropes are used only to catch a climber's fall.
  2. It has only been 60 years that climbers have been able to conquer the mystical wall of El Capitan within the boundaries of Yosemite National Park.The first successful ascent of El Cap took more.
  3. The thing that makes El Cap so intimidating is the sheer scale of the wall. Most climbers take three to five days to ascend the 3,000 feet of vertical granite. The idea of setting out up a wall of that size with nothing but shoes and a chalk bag seemed impossible

Free climbing Yosemite's El Capitan without ropes or

  1. Beginning earlier this week, Evans headed back to his position at the west end of El Cap bridge to answer questions of passing tourists, snap photos of climbers, and to relate the daily news of El Cap happenings. His website is an exciting way to watch climbers on the wall and get ready for your own big wall adventures
  2. ated by a huge swirl of diorite, a darker-coloured rock that looks a bit like North America - this has inspired many of the route names hereabouts, including NAW. This was only th
  3. The non-negotiable aspect is that you go very, very carefully. You keep wearing your harness at all times, in observance of the general law: If it's not clipped in, it's on the ground. So how do you go while wearing your harness? Well, you see t..
  4. Alex Honnold makes the first free solos of the largest walls in North America. He scales 2,000 feet with only shoes and chalk bag—no rope, no more Alex Honnold makes the first free solos of the largest walls in North America. He scales 2,000 feet with only shoes and chalk bag—no rope, no.
  5. The pair, who were reportedly training for a speed ascent of the Salathe Wall route on El Capitan, were approaching a feature called Mammoth Terraces at 8:15 a.m. on the last and easiest of the 10.
  6. EL ESJO AFRICANO CAP VII. Share Share by Cielo27. Like. Edit Content. Embed. More. Theme. Switch template Interactives Show all. PDF Printables. Show all. Log in required. Options. Leaderboard. Show more Show less . This leaderboard is currently private. Click Share to.

Red Bull Media + The Orchard have revealed the full-length trailer for an extreme sports documentary titled The Dawn Wall, Another El Cap climbing doc to compliment Free Solo, which is also. Jun 14, 2015 - Buy El Cap Wall Tapestry by adamstuart. Worldwide shipping available at Society6.com. Just one of millions of high quality products available EL & EL Wood Products specializes in exceptionally fine wood and urethane mouldings, interior & exterior doors, carvings, columns & mantels El índice de las principales acciones en Wall Street contiene múltiples sectores y una variedad de compañías. Historial del Comercio. El historial comercial del índice US 30 es largo y se relaciona directamente con el Promedio industrial Dow Jones y el S&P 500 Brad Gobright has sent Golden Gate VI 5.13a in a 16.5 hour push for his third free route on El Cap this season in a day. Earlier this spring, Gobright sent Muir Wall via The Shaft and El Nino via Pineapple Express

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EL & EL Wood Products specializes in exceptionally fine wood and urethane mouldings, interior & exterior doors, carvings, columns & mantels. 2 Eased Edge Wall Cap MDF Light Density 1108MUL. 2 Eased Edge Wall Cap MDF Ultralight 110BSP. 3-Step Casing Pine Solid. The bottom of the bag is easy to clip your ledge and extras to and is rated to over 300 pounds. The carrying system now tucks away nicely and is comfortable. The internal pocket is right where you need it. Along with the Yates model we tested, the El Cap Haul Bag has reliable compression straps across the top. Other bags tested did not Day 3 of Kevin Jorgeson and Tommy Caldwell's push up their proposed free line on El Capitan's Dawn Wall is in the books. When I last updated the team had just finished their first day which saw them finish the first 6 pitches. Day 2 (Sunday) began with Jorgeson lowering down to get a clean send of Pitch 6 (5.13c) which he had slipped high on the day before El Capitan, rising over 3,000 feet above the floor of Yosemite Valley, is a favorite for experienced rock climbers.El Capitan is opposite Bridalveil Fall and is best seen from the roads in western Yosemite Valley, including Tunnel View, Bridalveil Fall area, and El Capitan Meadow In 1994, Lynn changed the definition of what is possible in rock climbing with her first free ascent of the most famous big wall climb in the world called The Nose on El Capitan in Yosemite Valley.

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  1. Including two new chapters on Alex Honnold's free solo ascent of the iconic 3,000-foot El Capitan in Yosemite National Park. On June 3rd, 2017, Alex Honnold became the first person to free solo Yosemite's El Capitan—to scale the wall without rope, a partner, or any protective gear—completing what was described as the greatest feat of pure rock climbing in the history of the sport.
  2. Directed by Josh Lowell, Peter Mortimer. With John Branch, Tommy Caldwell, Kevin Jorgeson. In an unbelievable story of perseverance, free climber Tommy Caldwell and climbing partner Kevin Jorgeson attempt to scale the impossible 3000ft Dawn Wall of El Capitan
  3. North America Wall VI, 5.8 A3. Notes on the route: The NA as it is called, is one of the first real nailing walls. At the time of the first ascent it was easily the most technical and demanding wall in all of Yosemite, if not the world. Frost, Robbins and Chouinard were the big guns of the day, and this route was their canvas
  4. One additional climbing team was also beginning their ascent of El Cap via the Freeblast start that morning. That team was planning for a multi-day ascent of the route Golden Gate and started climbing at roughly 5 am. Klein, Wells, and Prince quickly caught up with the Golden Gate climbing team

Duo Completes First Free Climb of Yosemite's Dawn Wall

El Cap Report The Film. 880 likes · 1 talking about this. El Cap Report is a one-hour documentary. Coming Soon to PBS stations, VOD and DVD. Main Sponsor: adidas outdoo 4,268 Likes, 48 Comments - Jon Glassberg (@jonglassberg) on Instagram: Have you ever teetered at your limit for hours, uncertain of whether your mind and body can achiev The wall cap had to be a perfect fit, without the chance of having it shift around, and this trick guaranteed that it would be snug. After the molding was in place, we drilled small pilot holes into it so that the wood wouldn't split when he put the nails in Elbow Discharge with Grille, Model EL-10x3. $57.01. The elbow discharge with grille is designed for installation under roof eaves and includes an integral damper. Black epoxy finish. Hooded wall cap with rectangular duct connection designed for outside wall applications. Constructed of steel with black enamel finish, units feature built-in.

El Capitan's Dawn Wall: 'hardest climb in the world' attempt - latest. Daily updates as Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgeson attempt the first free climb of the sheer, smooth 3,000-foot Yosemite clif Climbing's Last Big-Wall Challenge: Free Climbing El Cap's Dawn Wall January 16, 2015 January 16, 2015 / dutchfranz Climbers Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgeson entered climbing history Wednesday by being the first to free-climb the formidable Dawn Wall of Yosemite's El Capitan Mountain in one continuous effort Adore BASIN set wall mounted El Cap (Exclusive to Reece) Download Data Sheet. SKU: 2177 Categories: Reece, Reece > Adore. Finishes & Handle Options; Related products . Quick View. Reece 2517-Classic Prov Pillar Taps Cross Handle PER PAIR 1X Hot, 1X Cold (Exclusive to Reece) - 2517 Titled El Capitan, the new system has a flagship wallpaper. Apple fans have come to expect these new flashy images on an annual basis and scramble to find copies. Thankfully, with a few connected and design-savvy friends, we strive to offer the images to everyone, regardless of having a developer account. Step inside for your goodies Alex Honnold climbing El Cap, a 3000 foot wall of rock in Yosemite, WITH NO ROPES

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  1. ent features in the park.. One of the largest exposed pieces of granite in the world, this behemoth attracts rock climbers from aroundthe world. Everyone seeing Yosemite Valley for the first time is truly amazed at the enormous size of El Capitan asit.
  2. Longs Peak DETAILS $18.95 Add to Cart Half Dome DETAILS $24.95 Add to Cart The Dawn Wall DETAILS $14.95 Add to Cart El Cap Free DETAILS $29.95 Add to Cart El Capitan DETAILS $24.95 Add to Cart SE Select DETAILS $19.95 Add to Cart DIAMOND PRODUCTION CLIMBING MAPS Climbing maps are what we do. My [
  3. SINCE LAST FALL, Jorgeson and big wall master Tommy Caldwell have been attempting to free Mescalito, a 37-year-old aid route that they believe could be El Cap's hardest climb. After waiting out the winter, the two returned to Yosemite on March 16th, and on Saturday began trying the last unexplored pitch on Mescalito, the Molar Traverse
  4. Trotter is the first Canadian to open a new free route on El Cap. In 2012, Trotter made the second ascent of The Prophet 5.13d on El Cap, followed by Will Stanhope the following year. El Nino is a 5.13c A0 30-pitch variation to North America Wall first climbed in 1998 by Alex and Thomas Huber. It was 95 per cent free with one short rappel

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The Dawn Wall: Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgeson climb 915

The Biden Commitment to a Fair and Humane Immigration System. Joe Biden understands the pain felt by every family across the U.S. that has had a loved one removed from the country, including under the Obama-Biden Administration, and he believes we must do better to uphold our laws humanely and preserve the dignity of immigrant families, refugees, and asylum-seekers Wall Cap WC-910 El Cajon 1201 E.WAKEHAM AVENUE SANTA ANA, CA 92705-4504 714-836-5757 866-99-STONE FAX 714-836-4433WWW.PACIFICSTONE.NET Straight (S See our Top 3 ways to visit Yosemite without a Day Use Entry Ticket. Plus insider tips to explore like a local! See details.. Two rock climbers are close to finishing a hugely ambitious project on El Capitan in the Yosemite Valley free-climbing the Dawn Wall. They talked to NPR's Melissa Block from the rock face A trip report of an absolutes epic of magnificent proportions on the Salathe Wall on El Capitan in Yosemite National Park. Amazing weather was forecast, but that quickly changed on the third day. We spent a night hanging at a belay in the rain and the last day rushing to the top, barely avoiding a pretty rough hailstorm that appeared out of nowhere

Chiseled Stone Wall Cap. Snapped Edge Wall Cap. Download Literature. Request a Catalog. Installation Guides. Coronado Stone offers one of the largest architectural stone accessory product lines in the industry. These meticulously handcrafted accents will add the extra finishing touches to your amazing project YOSEMITE NATIONAL PARK, California - The stark beauty of El Capitan always seizes the gaze of sightseers in Yosemite Valley.But it's two small dots on the granite wall that are the focus of. El Capitan är en 910 meter hög vertikal klippformation i Yosemite nationalpark, USA, och är belägen i den norra delen av Yosemitedalen, i närheten av dess västra sida.Granitmonoliten är en av världens mest populära utmaningar för klippklättrare. Klippformationen fick sitt namn, El Capitan av Mariposabataljonen när bataljonen utforskade dalen 1851 Caldwell: El Capitan itself had been climbed a lot. Historically, it was climbed by aid, where you sort of attach these ladders to the wall and you climb the ladders. Free climbers got a hold of.

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Articulated Indoor Climbing Wall Matting; Impact Crash Matting for Bouldering Walls; 80mm Rubber Crumb Tiles; Rubber Grass Tiles / Mats; Image navigation ← Previous Next → Robbie Phillips El Nino El Cap. Published Tuesday, 17th May 2016 at 656 × 800 in Robbie Phillips El Nino El Cap. Comments are closed. Facebook; Twitter El Cap, Mescalito: report by Tuan (attempt). notes par Yves Briere . beta, gear list by Evan Bigall 4/99 report and photos by Henry Wurzer 6/06 El Cap, Sea of Dreams: report by Nathanial Beckwith. El Cap, Pacific Ocean Wall: beta by Steve Sosa 10/97 report by Matt Niswonger 11/99 El Cap, North America Wall: report,beta, gear list by Stephen Ros El Capitan - formacja skalna o ponad kilometrowej wysokości położona w dolinie Yosemite, w środkowej Kalifornii. Ten granitowy monolit to jeden z najbardziej cenionych celów wspinaczkowych.. Nazwa El Capitan pochodzi z 1851 roku i jest luźnym tłumaczeniem indiańskiej nazwy góry, zapisywanej jako To-to-kon oo-lah lub To-tock-ah-noo-lah Greenland (El día del fin del mundo) Bill and Ted Face the Music (Bill y Ted 3) The New Mutants (Los nuevos mutantes) After: En mil pedazos. Tenet. Mulan. Bill & Ted Face the Music. Train to Busan 2: Peninsula. Dolittle. Jumanji: El siguiente nivel. Onward (Unidos) Bad Boys para siempre. Bloodshot Trouvez les Capitan Cap images et les photos d'actualités parfaites sur Getty Images. Choisissez parmi des contenus premium Capitan Cap de la plus haute qualité

El 10ª Autonòmic de One Wall individual va tindre la seua primera jornada aquest cap de setmana en el Pavelló de Tavernes Blanques, amb la disputa de la fase final femenina A. Finalment van. (MORE: Climber who reached top of El Capitan solo and without gear still in awe of 'outrageous wall') It took him nearly four hours to scale the massive, 3,000-foot wall Cinema. El Capitàn - personaggio immaginario protagonista del film di animazione Il tesoro del sole d'oro; Il cavaliere del Santo Graal (El Capitán Trueno y el Santo Grial) - film spagnolo del 2011 diretto da Antonio Hernández; Geografia. El Capitan - census-designated place della contea di Gila, Arizona, (CDP) degli Stati Uniti d'America; El Capitan - montagna del Parco nazionale. Siempre estamos buscando el mejor sitio para ver peliculas gratis con el contenido mas actualizado y sobre todo para ver peliculas online en HD.Acabas de llegar a el sitio correcto. Aquipelis es un gran sitios para ver pelis online ya que sobresale entre otros muchos sitios de peliculas online por su gran catalogo tanto de peliculas, como de series online

South Coast Supply provides quality landscape supplies including pavers, brick, slate, stone, tile, concrete blocks, barbeques, fountains, firewood and much more Wall caps are available in a wide variety of styles and widths and are generally produced in 24 inch lengths. Sizes are usually measured at the footprint of the cap (the flat bottom surface of the cap which sets upon the top surface of the wall) Caldwell, of Estes Park, Colorado, is no stranger to El Cap. He has free-climbed 11 different routes and was the first to make such ascents of the Dihedral Wall and West Buttress En un contexto de búsqueda de coberturas y temores por la crisis del coronavirus, los inversores decidieron vender activos de riesgo y encontrar refugio en bonos del Tesoro americano e incluso directamente quedarse parado sobre el efectivo.A su vez, en medio del pánico, los inversores fluyeron hacia fondos money market (o mercado de dinero) para aparcar su efectivo hasta que pase la crisis This Boston Celtics large-scale replica bottle cap wall sign is sure to attract some attention. It is injection molded and features a high resolution digitally printed face with a high gloss finish. Its large size will show your pride for the Celtics and add immediate color and appeal to any room of the home or office

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Czech free-climber Adam Ondra scales Yosemite rock wall ElStunning El Anatsui Exhibit On Display At Museum ofStacked Stone - Brick AmericaHere's a Little Snippet of Video from Alex Honnold'sModern rustic ledge stone veneer & wall stone cutAlex Honnold and Brad Gobright Get the Second Ascent of ElWallpaper The Dawn Wall, Tommy Caldwell, 4K, Movies #19994Dawn Wall : première interview d’Adam Ondra après son
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